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16" Rose Wing Dragon - Purple/Gold

16" Rose Wing Dragon - Purple/Gold

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**Mystical Rose Wing Dragon**

Introducing Mystical Rose Wing Dragon, a breathtaking creation from our 3D Animals Including Dragons Collection. Born from the fusion of cutting-edge 3D printing technology and the vivid imagination of our youngest Crew Member, Collin.

**Design and Craftsmanship**
Mystical Rose Wing Dragon is meticulously crafted with precision and care, showcasing intricate scales that shimmer in deep Purple & Gold, personally selected by Collin. Its wings, poised for flight, span wide with detailed textures that capture the essence of real dragon wings, while its piercing eyes are set with a gaze that's both commanding and wise.

**Dimensions and Details**
- Length: 16 inches
- Material: Eco-friendly PLA Silk
- Color: Purple & Gold

**Safety and Care**
While Mystical Rose Wing Dragon is a marvel to behold, its majestic form includes sharp points and edges, reminiscent of the true mythical dragons of lore. We recommend careful handling and consider this when choosing for younger enthusiasts. It makes for a perfect display piece in a collection or a magical addition to storytelling time, with adult supervision ensuring a safe and enchanting experience.

**Customization and Personal Touch**
Embrace the opportunity to own or gift a unique piece of mythical art. Mystical Rose Wing Dragon, like all creatures in our collection, reflects a blend of artistic vision and personal touch. Should you desire a dragon of a different hue or size, we invite you to reach out. Our custom order service allows you to collaborate with us, bringing your very own vision of mythical creatures to life.

**Adopt Mystical Rose Wing Dragon Today**
Mystical Rose Wing Dragon awaits its journey to your home, ready to stand guard and inspire tales of adventure, courage, and fantasy. This dragon is not just a model; it's a portal to a world where imagination reigns supreme. Adopt Mystical Rose Wing Dragon today and let your adventure begin!

Created with an Active Commercial License from CinderWing3D
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