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We are excited to Launch our Sublimation Tumblers!

What exactly is Sublimation? In scientific terms, Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from a solid-state to a gas state. It does not pass through the usual liquid state, and only occurs are specific temperatures and pressures.

Sublimation Tumblers allows us the opportunity to literally put ANYTHING on a tumbler with a quick turn around!  Sublimation allows us to create the image directly onto the tumbler in minimal time; in turn, giving a less expensive option in comparison to our Custom Tumblers.  You want a new tumbler each time your child plays a new sport . . . sublimation, each holiday . . . sublimation, a quick gift . . . sublimation, promotional products . . . sublimation, school mascots . . . sublimation, fundraisers . . . let us help you with sublimation!

We have listed a few of the designs we have already created, along with some other great designs.  We also have a completely custom listing created.  This listing in essence allows you to create a tumbler from scratch, choose a theme, color preferences, logos and even pictures.  We will create off that request and give 3 design edits at the listing price.  The possibilities are endless.

This listing is also perfect for a design you've found on Etsy!  Choose this and shoot us the png link and we'll purchase it and design your tumbler!

*No Copyright Images Please

Need extra design help, please reach out to us via email at!