Schools Back!  Help our AMAZING teachers ♥️

Schools Back! Help our AMAZING teachers ♥️

Last week, we reached out to the dedicated teachers on our platform, inviting them to share their classroom wish lists. The response was incredible, and we're thrilled to present the compilation of all the lists we received!

Let's join together to express our appreciation for these amazing teachers and contribute to making their classrooms even better. Your generosity can make a real difference in their efforts to educate and inspire future generations!

Alyssa Franks, 3rd Grade Stewarts Creek

Katie Weinman, 7th Grade + Drama Stewarts Creek

Amanda Murdock, 4th Grade Stewarts Creek

Jennifer Davis, Dawson Dragons

Bari Braga, Kindergarten

Latisha O'dell

Lauren Hatch, 2nd Grade ELA

Ruthie Murphy

Patrina Conrow, 4th & 5th Grade

Megan Gonzalez, ESL

Kristen Nicole

Raquel Torres

Julie White

Emily Leonardo

Candi Bent, 3rd Grade ELA

Rebecca Soto, 5th Grade

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