Crafting Team Spirit: The Story Behind TN Puma Baseball Team's Custom Gear

Crafting Team Spirit: The Story Behind TN Puma Baseball Team's Custom Gear

Crew of 5 is all about creating unique, high-quality custom sports shirts and sweatshirts for teams and families. We design gear that reflects team spirit, identity, and community. We love collaborating with coaches, parents, and players to bring their vision to life.

Our motto? "Wear us loud, wear us proud!" We create gear that families wear with enthusiasm, showcasing their team colors and creativity.

Crew of 5 was recently approached by Racheal, a mom from the TN Puma Baseball Team, to create some new custom baseball gear for the team families. Rachel had worked with Crew of 5 before for specialty orders and knew they could design something unique that the team would love.

Our goal was to create something truly unique and special for the families. What would we want to wear when we go to our kids games and events is always in the forefront of our mind when creating our custom collections.  As parents of 3 boys, we attend A LOT of sporting events and school activities for our boys.

Our favorite design we created is the "My Heart Is On That Field" shirt with the team's custom colors, blue and gold, with a baseball field as the backdrop for the word "Field," and just a hint of leopard print in the heart.

The team loved the final designs! The response was so positive that we got orders from many of the parents.

At Crew of 5, we're dedicated to creating unique sports team gear. If you're in need of specialty custom gear for your team, school or business, reach out to us on our Facebook Page or on our Website Chat.

Click here to see the full Puma's Collection!

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